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What should you know about your transmission

A transmission is very intricate. If a transmission problem goes unaddressed, it can be a very costly repair. Don't ignore the warning signs. Below is a list of common signs or problems you might feel while driving your vehicle. If you notice any of these issues, come to A-1 Economy Transmissions for service. Did you know that transmission fluid is like the life blood of the transmission. Improper levels can lead to premature wear and failure. Our qualified staff can check the fluid levels and can recommend if a filter and fluid service is needed.

Common Signs: 

• Clutch Pushes down Easily, But Gears Won't Shift
• Clutch Pedal Won't Move down & Gears Won't Shift
• Hard Gear Changes
• Harsh Downshifting
• Clutch Pedal Feels Normal, But You Cannot Shift Gears
• Slipping Clutch
• Manual Transmission Pops out of Gear
• Transmission Not Shifting into Gears
• Slow Engagement of Gears
• No Gears

• Delayed Shifting
• Shifting Occurs Too Soon
• Slippage between Gear Changes
• Reverse Shifting Delayed
• Buzzing Noise from Transmission
• Transmission Making Strange Noise
• Clicking Noise from Transmission While in Four-Wheel Drive
• Transmission Grinds While Shifting Gears

Differentials and transfer cases also need service. Get your vehicle serviced on it's regularly scheuled maintenance program to avoid high dollar repairs. A-1 Economy Transmissions provides service for factory maintenence schedules. We can also service fleet vehicles.

A-1 Economy Transmissions uses only the highest quality factory authorized fluids when servicing and rebuilding a transmission, transfer case or differential. These high quality fluids will ensure worry free, long lasting performancs from your vehicle.